Rob Barnard, Robert Burnier & Julian Stair

07.09.21 - 06.11.21

Tommaso Corvi-Mora is thrilled to present a three-person exhibition for September 2021 with new work by Rob Barnard, Robert Burnier and Julian Stair.
The exhibition is a new iteration in a series of shows begun in 2013, whose aim is to present ceramics and fine art together, creating unexpected and exciting connections between diverse works and emphasizing the commonalities between seemingly different artistic approaches.
Rob Barnard is a potter based in Virginia: he trained with Yagi Kazuo in Kyoto, and was Ceramics Editor of the US independent magazine The New Art Examiner : “An intrinsic element of pottery is that it is made not only to be seen, but also to be used – that is, to be touched, held, and even tasted. This simple fact that pottery is meant to be perceived by all the senses gives it possibilities for communication unavailable to most other art forms”.
Robert Burnier’s work mainly takes the form of wall-based abstract sculptures in painted metal. About the works in the show, he wrote: “The folded and compressed forms retain a history of their own becoming – the colours in ancient Africa, Mediterranean and Mesopotamian objects yield inspiration. But the work has its demands, as do I: a communion of what is within and without, to understand this sovereignty, this being. For the past might be as different from now as we expect of the future, and we are the arch on the shifting ground between”.
Julian Stair’s work spans the realms of pottery and high art, questioning the status and meaning of both. He has work in over 30 international collections and has over the last 40 years explored the agency of pottery, making work on both a monumental and domestic scale. His cinerary jars become active participants in the rites of death acting as both material containers and metaphors for the physical body they hold.
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