Myra Greene


07.02.20 - 14.03.20

Tommaso Corvi-Mora is proud to present “Complementary”, an exhibition of new work by Myra Greene, her second at the gallery.

In this new body of work, collectively titled "Piecework", the artist utilizes fabric, dye, silk screening and sewing to explore representations of race and the body. At the centre of Greene’s practice is a consideration of how our understanding of colour is completely dependent on context: materially, culturally and historically. The aim of the Piecework series is to examine the black experience through material compositions.
In the making of the works, Greene dyes fabrics their complementary colour to create a smooth transition from the original colour to brown. The artist then silk-screens her own patterns, inspired by traditional Dutch Wax patterns found on African textiles, onto the dyed fabric using metallic inks. This creates a spatial and conceptual interplay between pattern and background, where both conjure different aspects of the same narrative.

Myra Greene was born in New York City and received her BFA from Washington University in St Louis and her MFA in Photography from the University of New Mexico. She currently resides in Atlanta (Georgia), where she is an Associate Professor of Photography at Spelman College.