Roger Hiorns

04.03.22 - 23.04.22

Wartime farm

My subconscious did the lifting on this work, my body became drone, to enact the subconscious mission we were sent on, the revelry is withered, the pathways are evidently blocked, the discordant sound only now works around a mental reasoning capacity. Not for me the plastic brain realm of a soft young pathway.
I lack day structure. The origin and conditions of these ultra-transcendental objects? Multiple consciousness layered with mixed priorities I think.
Start at devotion objects, prayers and membranes. An immanence of material and hard consideration.
That an artwork is an arena of removed experience, that we are present in the view of it, but if it’s sophisticated and attuned and composed and put together with interior considerations then it takes us to another place, a complex place of balanced vibrations, of ouroboros at its consumed final point, and these artworks are emitting an endless energy, of transitional proposals, and we on the whole miss their readings, let the power from them go to waste, power picked up by a later generation, with better tools to interpret. Does the interference patterns of neo liberalism run interference on a kind of numinous purity that becomes hidden by the contemporary, perhaps contemporary art can be described as a single note propaganda for a narrow existence of experience the human is present within. I’m keen on this notion, that we can still discuss the numinous, the immanent, that we have been in times before, where we have been close to reading a layered complexity with in the structure of art, and now, how we moved away from that, to the thinning now, piss weak.
We miss this perspective?
I’m haunted, it’s all just the mapping of characters and images, a neediness, a yearning facility towards a dead neural pathway once experienced as another younger version of myself, and Its many names are: Fatal abstraction, to be completely concealed from oneself, A constant tranquillisation about death. A shiver looking for a spine, an augmented reality viewer of a cow with BSE, cows eye view. Adult human breakdown, a one leg tan. Participation and Interpassivity, Pennies from heaven, liberals are becoming unable to engage with art for the same reason as conservatives, the same, Dennis potter, Imagination is a source of sin, ‘O for a Life of Sensations rather than of Thoughts!’
Sweat on a bible, Watches of those perished in a plane crash in a plastic bag, ‘you have the watches, we have the time’. A new thought can provide hope, The future, Winston? Imagine a succession of rake handles slamming up into a human face, forever." “The big Other”. Revolution lies in acting like you’re already free. More referees than players in the art world at this point, Bottle of Lube at a wake.
I made 25 paintings, and this show is a fragment of them, and other things.

Roger Hiorns

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